Larry Ciancia


A music industry veteran, Larry Ciancia has spent the past 25 years immersed in the music industry as a musician, manager and label head. Larry Ciancia is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the independent label Iris Records and has guided several artists with their careers as a significant part of their team contributing everything from long-term strategic marketing plans to the very specific details of their day-to-day movements on tour.  He has worked with an amazing group of artists in his career for both North American and Worldwide releases.







Ciancia began his career at Island Records and IRS Records in Los Angeles assisting with the labels’ publicity, radio and international marketing teams. There he worked with such artists as PJ Harvey, U2, The Alarm, REM and many more. Ciancia also maintained his career as an international session and touring musician.  He has recorded and toured with the likes of Ben Taylor, Carly Simon, David Ford, Everlast, Fiona Apple, Herbie Hancock and Ray LaMontagne.  Larry has performed on virtually every television and radio show in the US and UK with said artists as well.

Through the years, Ciancia has been intricately involved in the entire recording, touring, licensing, promotional and managerial aspects with many artists. In 2001, Ciancia teamed up with friend/artist Ben Taylor and Kipp Stroden to create an independent record label to release Taylor’s music and offer options to artists looking for artistic freedom and symbiotic marketing support. Iris Records was conceived as an independent label designed to serve a new breed of artist that desired to be more active in their careers, both on the business and creative ends.  Developing and guiding the strategy behind Iris Records for the last decade, Ciancia has been at the forefront of new technology. The label focus is on quality music and great artists.

Larry’s main priority is to manage and guide artists such as Carly Simon, Ben Taylor, Benji Hughes and Rumer along side amazing producers like Keefus and Rob Shirakbari through the music industry with successful careers.